“In writing and politicking, it’s best not to think about it, just do it.” –Gore Vidal

I wouldn’t say that writing comes naturally, but there are times when you’ve got something to say and you need a place to share it. So that’s what this blog is about. Over the years I’ve written quite a lot – articles, speeches, opinion pieces, other blog posts and for the 9 years I was in Parliament I wrote a weekly column called Heather Roy’s Diary. I’ll load some of this material once I come to grips with the blog technology.

There are still times when issues are raised (election times for example!) and I feel like contributing to the debate, or expressing doubt or outrage. Facebook and LinkedIn are often not the best outlets so I’ve created this blog, “One Sock”, so I can tell a story or express my views at whim.

Thanks for reading, and I’d be flattered if you feel that what I have to say is worth reading and follow this blog.