Heather Roy

2 September 2017

Health is firmly on the agenda this election. Several polls are showing that, after the economy, Health is the area of most concern for voters. Mental Health, usually the poor cousin of health funding and policy, has emerged as an area in crisis or of great challenge (depending on who you are talking to).

This morning’s health debate with Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman and Labour Health spokesman David Clark on TV3’s The Nation focused heavily on Mental Health and funding of the public health system. It was an enlightening debate and well worth watching.

Following my post yesterday (If I was Minister of Health …) I was intending to give a short analysis on how the two doctors did. There wasn’t much in the way of vision of the future of healthcare, technological advances, medicines funding or personalised healthcare from either. However there is still much to discuss and TV One’s Q+A current events programme tomorrow morning is also having a health debate with these two MPs. It makes more sense to do a proper analysis after that.

In the meantime though, Laila Harre and I critiqued the Health Debate and the current state of the election campaign on The Nation panel with hosts Lisa Owen and Patrick Gower. A good discussion and surprisingly Laila and I were in agreement on several points!