Heather Roy

27 July 2020

With the New Zealand General Election fast approaching people are starting to look for some informed commentary about the political parties, policies and election processes. This year we also have two important referenda – one about cannabis reform and the other about euthanasia. Both are emotive topics and already the normal electioneering we see every three years has been joined by additional lobbying from all sides of the referenda issues. You don’t have to look too hard for billboards and advertisements about the referenda as well as parties and candidates asking for your votes.

Through my TorquePoint consulting business we are frequently discussing with clients the importance of politics on the way business is done and the impact political decisions have on our lives. My TorquePoint business partner Simon Ewing-Jarvie and I have put together a podcast series looking at the background to the election – the VoterTorque Podcast Series. We discuss everything from enrolling to vote, finding quality information on the Electoral Commission website to the NZ political spectrum and election advertising.

The first podcast is an introduction to our VoterToque podcast series:


Podcast 2 is ‘The Orange Guy’, a reference to the Electoral Commission mascot who helps guide us through everything related to the nuts and bolts of the election. We discuss how to enrol, why you should (it’s illegal to not be on the electoral roll), getting your voting pack with information about electorate candidates and party lists, early voting and significant dates leading up to the election:


We’ll soon be adding more podcasts on the parties themselves and we’ll do party policy comparisons on the major issues of the economy, health, education, transport and infrastructure, defence and others.

As well as our website you can find the podcasts on Spotify.