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Opening of Burnham Army Camp Gymnasium

30 September 2009


I was pleased to be invited to open the Burnham Army Camp Gymnasium in 2009. One kind soldier currently posted to Burnham took a photo of the plaque I unveiled. At the time I noted:

“Whether it is for military skills or sports, an indoor training facility like this one is an essential asset.  The Defence Force ethos and values of courage, commitment, comradeship and integrity will be seen in action day after day within these walls.  Stories, both true and embellished, will be passed on about various people and feats – among them, no doubt, involving PTIs that may have lived here once!

However, this gymnasium represents much more than just a military training facility.  For a camp like Burnham, it is part of the community’s heart and spirit.  For the families, it will be a place where you can join together in competition, to share in the esprit de corps that is the Army.  I have no doubt that this gym will become a focal point for Burnham’s whanau.”

Opening Of Burnham Army Camp Gymnasium








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